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Get to know us. 

a step by step approach. 

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Jenelle Girard, LAc
Certified Thermographer

The Image Taker

Images come first. Jenelle Girard, LAc is an advocate for healthy living and optimized wellness. She starts the process by taking images in a professional and courteous manner.

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Dr. Chrisine Horner, MD
Medical Doctor

The Interpreter

Expert interpretation is key. Dr. Christine Horner, MD is the doctor who interprets all of the reports for ThermaImage. She is board-certified in general and plastic surgery and is a nationally recognized expert in natural and preventative health. Learn more about her here


Dr. Erika Schultz, DACM
Doctor of Chinese Medicine

The Solution Identifier

Images and Interpretation come first, but once you have your results, Dr. Erika and her team can help. Dr. Erika is the founder of ThermaImage and Paramount Wellness and is an expert in identifying root causes of chronic health issues. You can learn more about she can assist with addressing areas of concern in imaging here.

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